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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

NTCA Indonesia Australia Pastoral Program

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The NTCA Indonesia Australia Pastoral Program was initiated in March 2012 when a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA), the Indonesian Society for Animal Science (ISPI), and associated Indonesian Universities.  

NIAPP is funded by the Indonesia-Australia Partnership on Food Security in the Red Meat and Cattle Sector, comprising of government officials from Indonesia and Australia, and the business and investment community, and relevant stakeholders associated with the red meat and cattle sector.

NIAPP has continued successfully in since 2012, with widespread media coverage and a large social media following.  

It is a 10-week journey of intensive pastoral industry training, including animal welfare and handling, and experiential learning through placements at selected corporate and family run cattle stations across northern Australia.

The Program is designed to provide practical, hands-on learning, relationship development and cultural exchange between the Indonesian and north Australian beef cattle industries.  It is not an academic, technical or research program.

The NTCA Indonesia Australia Pastoral Program (NIAPP) is a unique 360 degree program to foster greater learning and understanding between Australia and Indonesia. 

The clear and agreed focus for the program is not only to impart practical and technical learning but to establish and expand relationships for mutual growth and benefit.  These relationships are seen to build on the already strong and long standing relationships between northern Australia and Indonesia.



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