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The Future NTCA was first established in 2014 to foster and develop leadership skills within the Northern Territory beef industry’s next generation of leaders.  

Now approaching its fifth year, the program has seen participation by a diverse group of young Territorians with a wide range of backgrounds and skills, all aspiring to contribute to strengthening the pastoral industry.  The program has been successful in optimising the potential of the industry’s youth; capturing new ideas, networking and injecting renewed enthusiasm.

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Alec Rainnie

Alec kick started his career in the Northern Cattle Industry when he signed up for a Station Hand position at Georgina Pastoral Company’s Lake Nash/ Argadargada Station in 2013. 
Alec is now at Territory Rural McPherson in Alice Springs as the Merchandise Manager/ Animal Systems Sales Representative.

What does Alec think he can do that will help build a more effective and efficient Industry?

“I believe, through my current employment, I would be able to effectively and efficiently communicate with producers regarding innovation in cattle management practices and technologies that could help producers achieve a specific goal or outcome. 
Through my on-ground experience and education in livestock production and management, I am able to interpret the needs of producers and help find solutions to issues that may stand in their 
I also have an understanding of how to navigate farm finance and business capital, and I understand livestock nutritional requirements, the importance of soil and pasture health in livestock production, and livestock infrastructure requirements.”

Annabelle Keith

Originally hailing from the Darling Downs region of Queensland Annabelle fell in love with the Northern Cattle Industry in 2012 contracting mustering & has not looked back. She worked her way through the ranks at Australian Agricultural Company developing a keen interest in the livestock trading side of pastoral operations. You can now find Annabelle as the Export Coordinator for South East Asian Livestock Services!

What does Annabelle think will help build a more effective & efficient Industry?

“I believe I can help create a more effective and efficient industry by continually improving my skills and education. 
I believe research into technology and animal welfare awareness has grown significantly from when I first started working in agriculture. 
I am passionate about continually strengthening my knowledge and will always be a strong role model through sharing my own experiences and helping to educate our consumers and other 
individuals starting out in the cattle industry. 
I am currently working with my company to build more opportunities, support and education to our onboard stockman and younger people looking to get a foot in the door of the live export industry. 
I strongly believe by having the hands-on experience will better build our future leaders and help sustain and stabilise our industry.”

Charles Tapp

Charles has been involved in the Northern Cattle Industry his entire life, growing up at Lonesome Dove Station on the Roper River. 
Charles has worked across a number of private and company owned properties across Queensland and the Northern Territory. 
He is now at CPC - Consolidated Pastoral Company Bunda Station as the Head Stockman.

Where would Charle’s like to see the  industry in 30 years?

“In 30 years I would like to see the NT Cattle Industry be a leading example of a profitable and quality beef supply chain domestically and to the world. This would be accomplished with high biosecurity and animal welfare standards and increased market security with good international relationships. 
Not only in the agricultural sector, the NT Cattle Industry should have the highest focus on resource security, to be environmentally sustainable and continual improvement in grazing practises.”

Bridget Fox

Originally hailing from a mixed agricultural operation in New South Wales, Bridget first came to the Northern territory in 2012 as a Station Hand with Heytesbury Cattle Co. 
Bridget now is the Head Stock woman at Brunchilly Station for S. Kidman & Co.

What does Bridget think will help build a more effective and efficient Industry?

"Through being a role model and promoting what I am passionate about. 
I have a strong passion for animal welfare and I believe it has a ripple effect on industry. Happy and healthy cattle lead to a better beef product for our markets. 
It leads to a safer environment for our  employees with better cattle temperament. It promotes our industry as a positive industry moving forward and one that cares in our more socially aware 
society. This is only the beginning of what I am passionate about and look forward to sharing more ideas."

Hayden Schnitzerling

Hayden started with the cattle Industry in 2011 in South Western Queensland before moving to the Barkly in 2012 as a Station Hand for Australian Agricultural Company. Hayden has worked his way through the ranks at AACo and he now works at Brunette Downs as the Operations Manager.
What does Hayden think will help build a more effective and efficient Industry?

“To help continue supporting the community through social activities, as well as teaching the new generation of station hands the importance of our Industry and supporting those new the industry."

Jeremy Scott and Shannon Chatfield

Jeremy has been involved in the Northern Cattle Industry for the past six years, starting his career as a Station Hand at Brunchilly Station with S. Kidman & Co. 
Since this time Jeremy has progressed through the ranks at CPC where he now works as an Overseer at Newcastle Waters.

What does Jeremy think will help build a more effective and efficient Industry?

“Help and encourage staff that are starting out in the Industry. This will aid with developing strategies to retain staff. There is a lot of school leavers applying for Station Hand Positions knowing they are only to be there for a gap year before uni. Participate in developing a strategy for future leader engagement in key industry issues. This will help to maintain and support long term industry development.”

Shannon fell in love with the NT Pastoral Industry when she started as a Jillaroo in 2014.  Since then Shannon has completed a Bachelor of Applied Sciences she now is the Research Project Officer for CPC - Consolidated Pastoral Company.  Shannon’s research is currently investigating Faecal Worm Egg Testing to assess worm burden and resistance within CPC herds and monitoring and facilitating weed control programs across CPC stations.

Where would Shannon like to see the Industry in 30 years?

“In 30 years, I would like to see our industry have a stronger social license with a secure export market guaranteed by long term contracts and trading agreements. Underpinning this would be a strong utilisation of existing technologies, research and a growing understanding of the application of emerging and future technologies. 
As well as a strong focus on the long-term retention of young people within the industry.  I would like to see our northern beef industry lead in sustainability both economically and environmentally whilst being an industry that is recognised for its importance to Australia by majority of the Australian population.”

Patrick (Blue) Raleigh 

Originally from the cold country of Cootamundra of New South Wales, Blue moved to the Northern Territory in 2014 to join Australian Agricultural Company as a Station Hand at Anthony Lagoon. 
Developing his skills and knowledge, Blue excelled through the ranks at AACo working across their numerous Northern Territory properties. 
He is now the Head Stockman at Anthony Lagoon.
What does Blue think will build a more effective & efficient Industry?

“I am a young up & coming leader, wanting to make a career in the Northern Cattle Industry & am looking to get more involved in the policies & key drivers within the Industry. 
"I would also like to connect with more like-minded people within the NTCA membership & learn more about the politics and procedures that with the career in the Industry.”

Thank you to Georgina Pastoral Company and MLA for ongoing support for the program.



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