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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association


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The NTCA membership is responsible for the management of 45% of the NT land mass which means that the industry is the ‘eyes and ears’ for the early detection and management of animal and plant diseases, pests and weeds.  Australia and the NT enjoy a good animal health status which, combined with the well-developed animal health systems in place, continues to underpin trade access and consumer confidence in domestic and international markets. The animal biosecurity system is under pressure to maintain services and it is known that an emergency animal disease response will place existing resources under extreme pressure.

The reputation of our industry is underpinned by the reliable supply of a safe, high quality product to consumers. NTCA supports programs that safeguard the livestock industry throughout the supply chain. The NTCA also supports and promotes the use of NLIS for traceability and recognises its potential as a management tool.

The NTCA will continue to lobby for improvements in animal biosecurity outcomes for the Northern Territory cattle industry, which are achievable within a pastoral management system.

Read here about the NTCA position on the management of Bovine Johne’s Disease (BJD) 

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