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NT Firearms

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The following information may assist with:

  • Acquiring an NT Shooters Licence
  • Purchasing or Transferring ownership of a Firearm
  • Permission and Storage of a Firearm (Accredited Safe)

Detailed information on Firearms and Weapons under the NT Firearms Act can be found on the NT Police website; however the following links provide a guideline to the typical process and forms required:

A common licence required is Shooters - Cateogory A&B:  Rimfire & Centre-fire Rifles, Shot-guns, Muzzle-loading firearms and Air Rifles

3 photographs of the Accredited Safe are to accompany this form - outside view inc. locking mechanism, inside view of where it is bolted to the floor, ammunition compartment (if applicable).

A letter from the property owner or manager is also mandatory, giving permission and reasonable grounds for the requirement of the Shooters Licence

Example Endorsement Letter Template (Word doc 13kB)

Acquiring a Firearm will involve the following form, along with the Permission to Store (above)

Purchase or transfer permit Application (pdf Form 37kB)

Other helpful links and forms

Firearms Schedule of Fees
Change of Personal Particulars
Corporate Licence Application
Employee Licence Application

The NT Firearms Registry can provide advice based on individual cases:

Phone:  08 8922 3543
Fax:  08 8922 3540

NTCA Twitter