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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

Grants & Funding

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Grants and Funding at a Territory or National level can be available to your property or enterprise.

The NTCA may be able to assist with preparation and liaison.


Bushfires NT offer a subsidy program to support landholders.


For more details or assistance please contact:

Your local Bushfires NT office or the Business Development Officer at the NTCA office.


Smarter Business Solutions - NT Department of Trade, Business & Innovation

Grants to encourage and support cost savings or initiatives are available:

up to 50% of the cost for efficiency improvements - maximum of $20,000
up to 20% for the installation of off-grid renewable energy systems - maximum of $20,000
up to 10% for the installation of on-grid renewable energy systems - maximum of $10,000.

Eligible businesses include:

be physically located and actively trading in the NT for 12 months with an ABN and remitting GST
have an annual turnover between $75,000 and $20 million
have less than 200 employees

Business Growth Program - NT Department of Trade, Business & Innovation

The program offers funding to enhance performance, profitability, employment and market penetration of businesses, not-for-profit organisations and Aboriginal enterprises in the NT. Funding is for the reimbursement of a portion of a consultant’s fees in the areas of:

Business Overview
Business Planning
Integrated Management Systems
Mentor Support
Business Solutions
Information Technology Solutions
Digital Solutions
Tender Solutions
Employment Solutions

This program has been popular with pastoralists in the past with grants often sought for succession planning, updating WH&S and business protocols, website design and engaging on-farm consultants (i.e. agronomists, geneticist, nutritionist etc). Grants are available for up to $10,000.

Farm Investment and Drought Loans - Regional Investment Corporation

The Australian Government established the RIC to deliver Commonwealth farm business concessional loans and the National Water Infrastructure Loan Facility. Loans of up to $2 million and 3.58% variable interest rate are available to diversify your markets and manage drought.

On Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme -  NT Department of Trade, Business & Innovation

The Scheme helps with the cost of establishing new water infrastructure projects to supply water for animal welfare needs. The support will be in the form of a rebate of 25 per cent of the cost of any approved water infrastructure projects. The maximum claim per approved project is $25,000.

Applicants can apply applicants are able to claim one project per property per year. You will then become eligible to reapply for the rebate each financial year for the next three years. So, get in quick before the July 1, 2019 deadline.

For the purposes of this rebate, it is considered a genuine or imminent emergency animal welfare need when:

There is a lack of available water for livestock that are grazing on your property, or
The water that is available will be insufficient to sustain the livestock on the property, or
There is a lack of available water for livestock that is within a reasonable walking distance.


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