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National Livestock Identification System

The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is Australia’s system for the identification and traceability of cattle, sheep and goats.

It was introduced in 1999 to enhance Australia's ability to trace cattle during disease and food incidents, but was expanded to also include sheep and goats in 2009.

NLIS reflects Australia’s commitment to biosecurity and food safety and provides a competitive advantage in a global market.

NLIS is mandatory in all states and territories of Australia

Buying, selling and moving livestock

Each time that livestock are bought, sold or moved from one property (PIC) to another, a livestock movement must be recorded on the NLIS Database.

For private sales (i.e. sales and movements that do not take place via a saleyard), the buyer/receiver of the livestock must record the livestock movement onto their property.

The information required to record a livestock movement can vary; however typically requires:

  • List of RFID or EID devices
  • NT Waybill number (or NVD)
  • Date
  • PIC From
  • PIC To

NT DPIR website contains additional NLIS guidelines specific to the NT

Helpful links when conducting movements:


NT Property Identification Code (PIC) List

Search the PIC Register on the NLIS website (national PIC database)

NLIS - Login 

Frequently Asked Questions

NLIS Ltd operates the NLIS Database Helpdesk from 9am-5pm (Sydney time), Monday-Friday.  

Phone:  1800 654 743

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