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NT Brands & Earmarks

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Branding cattle is a clear way of identifying ownership of stock.  The Northern Territory Livestock Act and Regulations uses a three-letter brand system where one letter must be the letter "T" and a distinctive (symbol) brand system.

To legally use a brand in the Northern Territory the brand must be registered in the NT and comply with the Livestock Act and Livestock Regulations.

NT Brands Register Search Database 

NT brands directory - sorted in alphabetical order by:

The NT Department of Primary Industry & Resources has a Livestock page which includes more detailed information and factsheets on:

NT Brands Audit - commencing soon

NT DPIR have announced a Brands Audit will commence soon to ensure the NT Brands are being used in compliance with the NT Brands Register.

More information can be found here or by contacting your regional Livestock Biosecurity Officer

Ensure your contact details are correct - NT Brands Register – update details form​

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