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Working with Livestock underpins our day-to-day livelihood.  Satisfying National and Territory systems certifies consistency, assurance and biosecurity for the NT cattle industry.

This LIVESTOCK platform contains information and resources for livestock movements and identification

The NT Government advises the following steps before you can move livestock within the Northern Territory (NT):

  • Complete an NT waybill for the consignment of livestock
  • Have an NT property identification code (PIC) for the property of origin and the destination property
  • Have a registered brand on cattle more than eight months old
  • Have an approved National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) device on each animal being moved
  • Have your animals inspected and treated for cattle ticks if they are moving from either the tick-infected zone to a control or tick-free zone or the Parkhurst tick-infected zoned to the infected, control or free zone abide by the livestock welfare and land transport standards

Factsheets & Handbooks 

NT Tick Zones

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