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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

Wild Dog Management

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Direct damage caused by wild dogs along with the cost of control measures is estimated to setback industry and the NT economy around $60 million dollars annually.

The following information provides an overview of the steps and protocols for wild dog baiting in the NT: 

To use 1080, pastoralists must be authorised with a 1080 Pest Animal Management Authorisation (PAMA) including the Permit to Take Protected Wildlife (1080 PAMA and Permit).

To handle and lay 1080 baits, these courses are required 

  • Chemical Safety Accreditation 
  • Vertebrate Pest Management course

To inject baits with 1080, all of the above is required along with:

  • 1080 Bait Injection Course
  • Applicant must prepare a Personalised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 

PAMA & Permit Holders will need to keep records in an auditable approved form (1080 is a Schedule 7 chemical)

There is no mandatory requirement to join a regional baiting group but a coordinated approach is encouraged

The  Wild Dog Management webpage hosts all relevant material including Guidelines, Online and Printable Applications and Contacts.  

DPIR Website

Legislation in the Territory has recently been updated.  A comparitive table of changes is also found there.

1080 PAMA & Permit Application Form 

1080 User Authorisation Application Form

1080 Bait Injection Authorisation Form 

Property Baiting Record Book

Other helpful links and forms

SOP Example 

SOP Template

Guidelines for forming a Regional Wild Dog Management Group 

Proposal for a Regional Wild Dog Management Group Baiting Plan

Training Providers

DPIR Chemical Services can provide further information or assistance:

Phone:  08 8999 2344 

Tom Ryan, NTCA Executive Officer authored an opinon expose "Maintaining the Balance:  Managing feral populations dogged by misconceptions" which was published in the Centralian Advocate (9 Feb 2016).  The piece was written in response to an original article which condemned recent changes to NT legislation.


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