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Fires are a natural occurence in NT rangelands and can also be a critical management tool for grazing and the environment.

NAFI:  North Australian Fire Information 

Interactive map displaying current fire activity, wind direction and speed, as well as historic fire scars 

Option to log "My Areas" and receive Email Alerts

NAFI website 

This main page contains a link to the old site [NAFI 2] for slower internet connections 


Bushfires NT

Bushfires NT is the lead government agency for rural fire management in the Northern Territory. 

The most efficient way to source information, planning or assistance is by contacting your local base by phone:

Phone:  08 8922 0844

Phone:  08 8976 0098

Phone:  08 8973 8871

Phone:  08 8962 4577

Phone:  08 8952 3066

Office locations plus additional phone and fax numbers can be found here 

News and updates are posted on the Bushfires NT Facebook Page (in lieu of a website)

Bushfires NT Facebook

The Bushfires section of the NT Department of Land Resource Management website contains regulatory material such as:

  • Bushfires Act NT (2014)
  • Bushfires Regulations (2014)
  • Volunteer Bushfire Brigade Regulations (2006)
  • Fire Exclusion Zones
  • Consultation & review 
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