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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

2023 NTCA AGM - Notice of Meeting

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39th Annual General Meeting

Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association Inc.


Thursday 16th March 2023

Darwin Convention Centre

Darwin, NT


President: David Connolly, Tipperary Group of Stations

National Farmers Federation Delegate: Allison Dakin, Consolidated Pastoral Company

Special Resolution:

Henry Burke resolves that the Rules of the Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association Incorporated be amended in the manner as set forth below, with deletions struck out and additions underscored:

2          DEFINITIONS

"Council" means the Cattle Council of Australia;

"in writing", or "written", means the representation or reproduction of words or symbols or other information in a visible form by any method or combination; handwritten, printed or typewritten or a combination of all such forms;

"signed" includes signature by electronic or digital means;

“the Act” means the Associations Act 2003 (NT) as amended from time to time;

14        MANAGEMENT

14.1(b)             The Executive Committee comprises:

(i)         President;

(ii)        Branch Representatives;

(iii)       Delegates to “Council” and “Federation”.

14.2(a)             Nominations for President must be made in writing four (4) weeks prior to notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Association which will be included in the Notice of Annual General Meeting

14.4                 Delegates to "Council" and "Federation"

(a)        Nominations for delegates are to be made in writing four (4) weeks prior to notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Association and will be included in the Notice of Annual General Meeting.


25.2(b)            a Special Resolution put to the vote is passed if three – quarters of the members present and entitled to vote, vote in favour of the resolution.

25.3                 It is expressly permitted by these Rules for members to be present and participate in any meeting by any means of communication including telephone, closed-circuit television, facsimile or letter or web conferencing.

27                    NOTICES

27.1                 For the purposes of serving a notice in accordance with these Rules any notice will be deemed to be properly served if it is delivered by ordinary prepaid post in writing to the address of the member appearing in the Register of Members. Service of notice to an email address is deemed sufficient for purposes of this Rule.

27.2                 If there is no address appearing in the Register of Members, including electronic, the registered office of the Association will be deemed to be the address of the member for the serving of notice.

Enquiries: (08) 8981 5976 or

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