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Patent Granted to Aqualiner Fresh® Water Tank Liner

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Pioneer Water Tanks exclusive antimicrobial water tank liner receives innovation patent approval

The industry leading and exclusive water tank liner used in all Pioneer Water Tanks – the Aqualiner Fresh® - has long been a source of pride for Pioneer Water Tanks, and is no longer patent pending, as it has received approval for an innovation patent by the Australian Government.

Not only does this allow Pioneer Water Tanks to remain industry leaders, by continuing to exclusively provide the Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial tank liner, it is also some well-deserved recognition for the innovation and technological improvements that went into the invention and creation of the liner.

Pioneer Water Tanks worked with Swiss antimicrobial experts Sanitized® to create the best available water tank liner, which actively works to keep stored water fresher for longer, in order to provide the best product to Australian farmers and families in need of water storage.


What’s so special about the Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner?

The Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner helps ease some of the usual headaches associated with water storage, by helping keep the water stored in a Pioneer Water Tank fresher and cleaner.

Without an antimicrobial water tank liner, microbes, bacteria and mildew, along with organisms like algae, can form on the walls of the tank liner, so therefore it stands to reason that having an antimicrobial tank liner that keeps water free from microbes, equates to cleaner, healthier and fresher water, with the help of Aqualiner Fresh®.

A food grade plastic liner is required for potable water storage by Australian standards – a standard Pioneer Water Tanks met long ago, however the Aqualiner Fresh® is the only water tank liner that improves on these standards.

How does it work?

The team at Sanitized® have utilised their antimicrobial technology in a wide range of fields, including food manufacturing, hospitals, and now water storage.

The Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner utilises the natural antibacterial properties of silver to help keep the water within the tank clean and fresh.

While the Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner is a revolutionary idea, the idea of utilising the antimicrobial properties of silver is not a new one – far from it.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used silver for water purification, dropping silver coins into fountains and water storage facilities, and kept their water in silver drinking vessels to help ensure that it retained its freshness for longer.

Aqualiner Fresh® puts those natural properties of silver right there in the liner, which is constructed of five distinct layers.

White Metallocene Polyethylene film
Propriety co-extrusion of Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO’s) and Metallocene technology
High tenacity multifilament polypropylene
Propriety co-extrusion of Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO’s) and Metallocene technology
Black Metallocene Sanitized® Polyethylene film

The Sanitized® antimicrobial technology is mixed into the master batch of black polyethylene (PE) film used in the construction of the liner fabric. 

The black PE film is one of the three multiple layers found in the liner fabric providing superior strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and leak resistance of Aqualiner FRESH®. 

The treated black PE film is then laminated to the inside surface of the liner fabric - the side that is in direct contact with the tank water.

What benefits does this include?

Antimicrobial additives are extremely diverse and control microbes via very different means. When used in the manufacturing of products such as a water tank liner, they create surfaces and materials that are inhospitable to microbes such as bacteria and mould, helping to kill algae, bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms that come in contact with them

A rainwater tank with an antimicrobial water tank liner requires less frequent cleaning or desludging in order to maintain a healthy tank environment. Not only will an antimicrobial liner improve your water quality, it will also save you time and money in the long run.

Utilising silver ions as the antibacterial factor means there is no need for nanotechnology or antibiotics in the tank liner in order to make it antimicrobial. Thanks to its remarkable bacteriostatic properties, silver has been re-emerging in recent times as an important antimicrobial agent in the field of quality control and infection prevention.

Where is it made?

The Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner is made right here in Australia to stringent Australian standards, by a specialist industrial textile factory in Victoria.

This fabric is then shipped to another highly skilled Australian owned company based in Ballarat, who fusion weld the liner fabric into the shape of the specified Pioneer Water Tank.

From here, this high-tech liner is taken by Pioneer Water Tanks, and supplied to the end customer as an important feature of a Pioneer Water Tank.

Pioneer Water Tanks also only utilises Australian BlueScope Steel in the manufacturing of their water tanks, which are made in the Bellevue, Western Australia based workshop.

For a quote today, contact Pioneer Water Tanks on 1800 999 599.


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