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Don’t get caught out by longer lead times

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Make sure you have your water storage ready to capitalise on the wet season

As the wet season rapidly approaches, now is the time to sure up your water storage solutions, in order to make the most of the coming rainfall. A water tank is a great way to ensure that not only is your water protected from evaporation, and stored securely, but also that it stays free from contaminants for the long term.

However, recent steel shortages across Australia, and even worldwide, have led to longer than usual lead times for the installation of products such as rainwater tanks and sheds. Pioneer Water Tanks, who use only Australian made BlueScope® Steel, have, like many other water tank manufacturers, experienced the brunt of this shortage.

So what does this mean for you?

Plan ahead. To make the most of any rainfall, especially when looking to fill a new tank, it is important to have the tank installed as early into wet season as possible, whether you have installed a new shed or home expansion you are looking to catch water off of, or are simply looking to expand your existing water storage capacity.

The current lead time for a Pioneer Water Tank, thanks to delays in steel causing a backlog in manufacturing, is approximately ten weeks from order date.

This means that if you ordered a new Pioneer Water Tank for your property tomorrow (16 Oct), you likely wouldn’t see it installed until just before or after Christmas, once the wet season is well and truly underway.

This is why it’s so important to start organising your improvements now, and order your new water tank as soon as possible if you do plan on upgrading your water storage this wet season.

“How much water storage do I need?”

This question, as you can expect, is quite subjective, and depends on your location, annual rainfall and where the water is being harvested from. Many larger properties should also be aware of their microclimates if they are looking to install tanks near sheds some distance from the main residence.

If you are harvesting water from a shed or house roof, a quick way to calculate your total water harvesting ability is to multiply the size of your tank roof in meters squared, by your annual rainfall.

For example, if you lived near Katherine, and experienced around 900mm of rainfall each year, and were looking to harvest water off of a 100m2 shed, you would be able to harvest 90 000L of water annually.

Additionally, if extra catchment space is needed, Pioneer’s Smart Water Savers can also utilise your tank roof to increase your catchment area.

If you’re harvesting water from a dam, creek, or underground water source however, the size of your tank is going to depend on how much you are able to harvest, and also how much water storage you need. The advantage of a steel water tank over a dam or pond obviously being the protection from evaporation on sunnier days.

When should I call?

There is no time like the present. Pioneer Water Tanks are open to take your call Monday to Friday, from 7:30am to 6:30pm (ACST). Or, find your local Pioneer Water Tank dealer at and get a quote right away.



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