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Farmbot Monitoring Solutions and Pioneer Water Tanks

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Remote Water Tank Monitoring

All across this great nation of ours, farmers are dealing with the sometimes arduous task of managing their most valuable and scarce resource – water. In the outback, reliable access to fresh, clean water can be a matter of life or death. Over the last century, innovations in water harvesting and storage technology, such as water tanks and windmills, has allowed Australian farmers to graze livestock on more and more land that would have once been deemed uninhabitable; this is what has led to Australia’s strong farming sector - ranking in the top 10% in the Global Food Security Index, with 70 percent of our agricultural produce exported.

However, especially in years fraught with drought, and the ongoing battle with climate change, water remains a tricky thing to manage. This is why two great and innovative Australian Companies; Pioneer Water Tanks and Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, have teamed up offer Remote Water Tank Monitoring to Australian farmers.    

Know your water

Pioneer Water Tanks and Farmbot know that you need to stay updated with the goings on around your farm at any given time, and now the Farmbot remote monitoring solution provides you with an accurate and reliable snapshot of your water sources in real time – imperative for those with multiple water sources on their property.

The Farmbot provides here and now updates on water levels, leaks and faults and water usage, which allows you to not only save on fuel and labour costs, and catch any leaks before they become a major issue, but also gives you that valuable peace of mind to go about your day with one less stressor to worry about.

Know your water tank

Pioneer Water Tanks is the number one big tank company in Australia for a reason. Consistently providing high quality, durable water tanks, designed for Australian conditions goes a long way, and has led to a formidable and enviable record of zero structural failures in over thirty years of business.

Pioneer have installed water tanks in a wide variety of Australian climates, and remain the trusted brand of cattlemen across the nation, and are proud to be a continued partner of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s association, and are looking forward to setting up the Pioneer Pub at the next NTCA AGM and Industry Conference.

With an antimicrobial liner, wall panels specifically designed by engineers for the purpose of water storage, a range of helpful accessories, and 100% Australian made panels from 100% Australian steel, Pioneer Water Tanks is a brand you can rely on for your water storage.

Farmbot features and options

The Farmbot system comes with multiple sensors and attachments that allow you to better monitor your water storage levels. The system takes less than ten minutes to install on your Pioneer Water Tank, and has seen savings of up to $2466 per installed unit. One NT Cattle Station saved more than $20,000 per year in cost and time savings, allowing that time and effort to be pit toward more profitable actions.

The Farmbot products include, but are not limited to:

The Farmbot Monitor: The remote monitoring device that integrates with the range of sensors that monitor your water pressure and levels. Designed to withstand the most remote and harsh climates.

Water Level Sensor: Connects to the Farmbot monitor to provide remote water level monitoring for your water tanks. Has high corrosion resistance and provides real time data.

Flow Sensor: Measures water usage and leak detection to help you better manage water consumption. Measures water in litres per minute.

Wireless Trough Sensor: Provides you with a real time picture of trough wate supply, and insights into stock drinking habits.


Rain Gauge: Enables the user to know their daily aggregate rainfall for specific locations on the property, allowing understanding of local microclimates. Self-emptying and reporting of daily, weekly and monthly rainfall.

These products all work in tandem with the MyFarmbot Dashboard, which can be accessed from a mobile phone or computer, and works anywhere, with real-time sms notifications, allowing you to be on top of your game at all times.

Local experts and advice

Along with being Australian owned and made, with all operations based out of the Bellevue, Western Australia headquarters, Pioneer Water Tanks is proud of its Pioneer Dealer Direct® network of over 50 experienced dealers across Australia. This ensures that you will have access to expert local advice and service from the start of your search for a water tank, through to installation, and then through its service live.

Our network is mostly made up of small business owners – Australian families just like yours – who are working hard in their local communities to provide an exceptional product and an unmatched level of service.

As expertly designed as a Pioneer Water Tank may be, in the end they’re only as good as the person who puts it together, and Pioneer is confident that these dealers are the best trained and most experienced tank builders in the country. When you deal with Pioneer you’re actually dealing with the Pioneer Dealer Direct® network, Australia’s largest network of experienced local tank experts.

Partners in innovation

Two Australian companies creating quality innovations and solutions to change the lives of Australian farmers for the better, by delivering time-saving actionable insights and peace of mind that money can't buy.

Pioneer and Farmbot; creating unique connected water solutions for farmers across Australia.


If you would like more information on a Pioneer Water Tank, a Farmbot Monitoring System, or both products, call 1800 344 130.

Pioneer Water Tanks – Leading the way in water




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