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What goes into a Pioneer Water Tank

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What makes a Pioneer Water Tank the most popular steel water tank in Australia?

Over the last thirty three years, Pioneer Water Tanks have become renowned for being the best water tanks Perth manufactures, and the best water tanks Australia can buy. But what sets a Pioneer Water Tank apart from the competition? Today we’re going to have a deeper look at what goes into a Pioneer Water Tank, and what makes it the pinnacle of rural water storage in Australia.

On the outside, a water tank may just appear to be a steel (or concrete, or plastic) cylinder, with a roof, but the reality is that water tanks have a lot of components and features that make them suitable for water storage, including the materials, design, and any accessories that are included in the water tank construction.

Australian steel for the Australian climate

The sheets that make a Pioneer Water Tank are 100% Australian made from Australian Zincalume® and Colorbond® Steel. Formed into the iconic shape of the Pioneer V-Lock® water tank wall panel out the back of the Pioneer Water Tanks main office in Bellevue, Western Australia, and shipped across Australia to provide high quality water storage to thousands of Aussie families and businesses.

Even the iconic Pioneer V-Lock® tank profile is Australian designed, and went on to win an Australian design award. The V-Lock® tank wall profile is exclusive to Pioneer Water Tanks, and has been designed solely with the purpose of water storage in mind.

The thickness of the tank sheets is also purpose engineered to use the right amount of steel in the right areas of the tank, with the bottom ring up to 2mm thick. However the profile of the tank is designed to be more important than the thickness of the sheets, protecting not only the tank, but also the liner inside from warping.

The industry leading antimicrobial water tank liner

Pioneer Water Tanks have revolutionised water storage by designing and manufacturing an antimicrobial tank liner that will keep your water fresher, cleaner and healthier for longer. Aqualiner Fresh® is the only water tank liner in Australia that improves on Australian standards.

Developed with technology by Swiss antimicrobial experts Sanitized®, the Aqualiner Fresh® water tank liner utilises the antibacterial properties of silver to help keep your water fresh. This technology requires no nano-particles, and fights against microbes such as bacteria and algae, which can lead to biofilm growing on other tank liners.

The Aqualiner fresh is also made in Australia from Australian materials, being produced in Victoria. Keeping the production of these liners - as well as the tank panels - local, helps Pioneer ensure that they comply with the high standards of a Pioneer Water Tank.

Water tank accessories

Included with every Pioneer Water Tank are the following accessories;

Set of Anodes
50mm Outlet & Ball Valve
150mm Overflow, Downpipe and Flap Valve
Choice of Leaf Filter Basket or 50mm Inlet
Lockable Sliding Access Hatch
Galvanised Ladder
Super Seal Dust and Insect Protection

In addition to these standard accessories, there are a number of ways you can customise your Pioneer Water Tank, starting with the obvious modifications when it comes to size and colour, and the aforementioned choice of filter basket or 50mm inlet, but there are also optional accessories you may choose to add.

A fire protection valve, and/or fire reserve can help ensure that you are prepared for bushfires by having a reserve supply of water in case of an emergency. Some shires may require the installation of a fire protection valve with any installed water tank.

Water level indicators can help you know how much water is in your tank at a glance, with far more accuracy than the old knock and listen method. These can be installed in the form of the traditional float and pulley system, or a wireless digital system.

A fascia strip can be installed for those looking to achieve a sleeker more modern look for their water tank, or to hide any sharp roof edges.

Pioneer’s geotextile underlay is the best way to protect the base of your water tank liner from being compromised by sharp objects such as rocks or course sand that may find its way under your liner as the pad settles.

The Pioneer exclusive Smart Water Savers can help you capture more rainwater directly from your tank roof. In some areas they can capture up to 25% of your water tank’s total capacity, ensuring that no water capture area is wasted.

A perfect team

All of these pieces come together to make the strongest and most popular steel water tank on the market today, and it is backed up by Pioneer Water Tanks 20 Year Conditional warranty, and is installed and delivered by one of the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network’s expert water tank installers, ensuring you have peace of mind with your new water storage solution.

For an obligation free quote, call Pioneer Water Tanks today on 1800 999 599.

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