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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

Finding Ways to Support Australian Farmers

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Farming and the Australian way of life.

In a country as dry as Australia, water security is as important, or potentially more important than anywhere else.

The outback of Australia is the image many who have never visited conjure to their mind when thinking of this great and wonderful nation of ours. Rolling plains of red dirt, cattle stations, Akubra’s, kangaroos everywhere, and houses, sheds and water tanks made from corrugated iron and tin.

While this is obviously not an accurate assessment of most of the inhabited parts of Australia being near the coast. In fact over 80 percent of Australians live within the coastal zone, less than 50km from the coastline, with an even greater figure of almost 90% of Australians living in cities.

However there is no denying that rural Australia remains the lifeblood of the nation. Agriculture is in the top 20 for industries in terms of employment, and remains one of the largest contributors to GDP, especially when it comes to exports.

Despite being the driest nation on the planet, Australia’s agricultural industries are worth $115 billion a year of the GDP for a whopping 12% share. One of the reasons that Australia was so well positioned to close borders during the COVID-19 pandemic’s early stages is due to the fact that we produce, as a nation, almost triple the amount of food we consume.

The largest agricultural enterprise in Australia is the beef industry, with the dairy industry not too far behind. Pioneer Water Tanks understand the importance of the cattle industry to the Australian economy and way of life, and have long been prominent supporters of the sector.

Networking and fostering relationships

An important part of Pioneer’s support of the cattle industry is building and fostering relationships with cattle station managers, water tank installers, and rural Australians from all walks of life.

Pioneer proudly sponsors and attends cattle meets and field days all across the country, notably the continued attendance at the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association conference. Pioneer Water Tanks has over 50 authorised dealers, who attend these events and use the time and conversations to understand the needs and situations of these heart and soul Australian businesses.

The Pioneer Pub, a frequent fixture at many of these continued events, provides a place for not only Pioneer Water Tanks to network, but also for people who work in the cattle and related industries to network with each other, and share ideas and products that can improve efficiency and productivity across the board.

While it hasn’t always been possible in COVID times, Pioneer endeavours to have a representative at all field days, cattlemen’s meets and similar rural events. This helps Pioneer Water Tanks keep a finger to the pulse and an ear to the ground when it comes to the needs of cattlemen and farmers.

Removing financial barriers from water infrastructure investment

One of the largest barriers to improving water storage and water harvesting infrastructure, and one of the largest barriers to most things in life, is financing. The price of a water tank, while typically still great value for money in terms of investment value, can often be an immediate cost that may need to be budgeted for.

Teaming up with two Australian owned and operated fintech companies, Pioneer Water Tanks is making it easier for Australian families to install valuable water storage assets, with finance options now available.

With options for Australians with an ABN as well as options for those without one, it has never been simpler to install water storage solutions when they are needed.

For customers without an ABN, water tank finance is offered through Brighte, a company dedicated to assist families with the purchasing and construction of home improvements. On offer are 2 to 7 year home loans that can be paid off before the end of contract at no additional cost.

For customers with an ABN, far more common across rural Australia, Pioneer Water Tanks have teamed up with DelayPay, who offer finance solutions to Australian farmers. This finance option gives farmers up to six months to pay back a water tank after purchase, allowing you to be more flexible and adaptive with your water storage, helping you to upgrade immediately when needed.

World class water storage solutions

It wouldn’t matter how much networking, great finance options, or support Pioneer Water Tanks were offering Australian farmers, if the product being offered wasn’t up to scratch. The good news here is, however, that Pioneer Water Tanks offer a water storage solution like no other.

Boasting an in-house designed tank wall profile – the Pioneer V-Lock® - designed specifically for the rigours of water storage. Strong on durability, but gentle on your liner, the Pioneer V-Lock® goes up quickly and stays up. With zero structural failures in thirty years of business, it’s a design that holds up.

Inside the tank is the industry-leading, state of the art water tank liner, the Aqualiner Fresh®. The Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial tank liner is designed with Sanitized® technology that keeps your water clean and fresh for longer, and is the only liner available that actively reduces the amount of bacteria in your water tank.

All Pioneer Water Tanks are made in Australia with Australian BlueScope steel, and not just the tank wall panels, but the ladders, hatches and roof trusses are all made on site from Australian steel. Even the liner fabric is made in Australia. Pioneer firmly believes that Australian made products are the highest quality.

This is backed up by the fact that Pioneer Water Tanks remains a 100% Australian owned and operated company, with operations based out of Bellevue in Western Australia to this day.

If you’re interested in working with one of the experts at Pioneer Water Tanks, who can ensure that your water storage solutions are up to scratch, contact Pioneer Water Tanks today on 1800 957 913.

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