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Water: Our Most Precious Resource

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The one resource we all need

For many people who don’t live in rural areas, access to clean water and quality water storage is often taken for granted, despite the knowledge that it is such a finite resource.

The earth’s surface is more than two thirds water, but incredibly, less than 1% of this water is suitable for human consumption.

Australia is not alone in experiencing extended periods of low rainfall in recent years, and as Australia’s – and the world’s – population continues to expand, continued pressure is placed on our water resources as demand rises.

As climate change has a continued effect on the climate, prolonged periods of drought and low rainfall are forecast to become more and more common, leaving us searching for other means of accessing fresh water.

Continued access to clean and healthy water is vital to a thriving and healthy society, and is an issue that affects us all.


Taking steps to ensure your water security

With the wet season steadily approaching in The Top End, it is currently the perfect time to ensure that your water harvesting and water storage needs are up to scratch.

The ability to recycle, reuse and reallocate our water is becoming more important than ever, and should be utilised wherever possible in order to secure the future of your water supply in the most efficient way achievable.

Installing a rainwater tank, as part of a water harvesting system in order to improve or upgrade your access to water is a great way to achieve this.

Pioneer Water Tanks offers a range of water tanks, customisable with a variety of colours, sizes and accessories to suit your unique water storage needs, and could provide the water storage solution you’re searching for.

Pioneer Water Tanks has spent over 30 years dedicated to safeguarding the planet’s most precious resource, and understand the importance of water security and quality rainwater harvesting in all climates for all Australians.

Every drop counts

When it comes to water storage, especially on properties with prolonged dry periods without significant rainfall, every litre of water is crucial, and installing a rainwater tank offers several advantages.

As water tanks collect stormwater runoff, the risk of flash flooding due to rain collected on rooves or running down waterways is reduced.

On tank runoff can also be reduced – while potentially harvesting thousands of extra litres of rainwater – by installing Pioneer’s Smart Water Savers, which collect water straight off the tank roof. As the Smart Water Savers don’t require a gutter system, there is less risk of contamination to your water tank.

If you are lucky enough to be connected to scheme water, installing a rainwater harvesting solution reduces your reliance on mains water, and can save you money on bills.


Any roof can be a water collection point

Not only can the Smart Water Savers help you collect water from your tank roof, any roof on your property can be utilised to increase your water storage capacity.

Any sheds or additional living quarters on your property can be fitted with a rainwater tank, and fitted out as an additional water harvesting tool.

To learn how much water you can catch, follow this simple formula based on your catchment area:

Roof Surface Area (m2) x Annual Rainfall (mm) = Catchment Capacity (L)

For example, if your roof is 200m2, and your annual rainfall is 400mm, you could expect to collect 80,000L of rainwater from this roof each year. The more roofs used as catchment areas, the more water you can expect to capture.


Built for the Australian Climate

Pioneer Water Tanks have been building water tanks for the Aussie climate for over 30 years, and continuously improve the engineering and technology that goes into the construction and profile of every tank, further improving the security of your water storage.

Unlike some other wall profiles, the Pioneer V-Lock® wall profile was specifically designed and engineered by a team of in house engineers for the purpose of water storage.

The innovative design ensures that your water tank stays in shape while full or empty, by minimising liner stress, by providing perfect support to the liner, allowing it to mould to the inside of the tank wall.

The AQUALINER Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner has also been designed specifically for the purpose of water storage, and incorporates SANITIZED® antimicrobial technology to keep the water in your tank fresher for longer.

The liner is also double seam welded, in order to survive the harsh conditions that come with Australia’s climate, providing protection from leaks, drips, seepage or wicking.


Utilising local expertise and experience

Pioneer Water Tanks’ Dealer Network is comprised of over 50 family businesses all across Australia, who are dedicated to providing Australia’s best quality water storage solutions.

With five dealers in the Northern Territory alone, you can rest assured of high quality service, with knowledge of not only the conditions and climate the tank is being built in, but also of the product they are providing.

The Pioneer Water Tank is a staple of many rural homes and stations across the country, and the Dealer Direct Network is a big reason it is such a reliable and accessible product.


To ensure the future of your water storage today, contact Pioneer Water Tanks at today, or call 1800 941 022

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