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The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) launched a new online jobs portal and a newly-developed Industry Development Program (IDP) on Friday, 6 November.

The jobs platform aims to connect job seekers from across Australia with agricultural businesses looking for staff in the Northern Territory, while the NT Government-funded industry development program will be providing nationally accredited training for young Territorians seeking employment within the pastoral industry.

NTCA chief executive officer Ashley Manicaros said the careers portal and the Industry Development Program would be vital economic tools in uncertain times.

“Covid-19 has left hundreds of thousands of Australians without stable work, and especially school leavers are looking at entering a highly competitive jobs market,” Mr Manicaros said.

“But while lots of industries had to lay off their staff, the agricultural sector is seeking more workers than ever. The new NTCA jobs portal is the link between those vacancies and job seekers.”

Mr Manicaros said the Industry Development Program, funded by the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism would equip young Territory job seekers with a skill set that will assist them to find, maintain and advance careers within the industry.

“As part of the IDP, the NTCA is offering 20 pre-employment roles and 40 Certificate II in Rural Operations positions to young Territorians eager to become the next generation of NT pastoralists.”

“School leavers looking for gap year placements and young Territorians interested in employment in the industry, are encouraged to use the NTCA’s new jobs portal to lodge their Expressions of Interest in the IDP or apply for station jobs across Australia and NT,” Mr Manicaros said.

Mr Manicaros said businesses wanting to hire new staff, as well as people hunting for work in rural industries were encouraged to use the portal at

“The portal is going to be fundamental to the industry which is working closely with the Northern Territory Government to assist training and upskilling the 10,000 people who work directly and indirectly in the pastoral sector.

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