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The Advantage of Water Tanks over Dams Alone for Stock Water Storage Systems

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Dams have been a part of Australian farming for a long time, and still play a crucial part in agricultural water storage today. According to Land & Water Australia, Australia’s more than 2 million rural dams store over 8 000 000 ML of water, which is equivalent to the combined storage of Australia’s metropolitan reservoirs.

Many Australian irrigators, graziers, growers and dairy farmers rely on dams as a main form of water storage in order to have reliable water storage all year round. This water can be captured directly from rainfall, or even pumped from groundwater systems deep below the ground.

Not only do these dams provide valuable water storage, many are also used as a habitat for wildlife such as marron or yabbies, and also for recreation for habitants of the farm in the warmer months.

While these dams are a great way to store very large quantities of water with little infrastructure, they do come with drawbacks. While dams are ultra-effective in catching rainwater runoff, they have a large surface area that is exposed to prolonged periods of dry air and sunlight, leading to high evaporation rates.

Some estimates show that in just four warm and dry months, more than 50% of a dam’s stored water can be lost to evaporation. As dry spells across Australia get longer, and rainfall becomes less reliable, ensuring water storage during the dry season is more important than ever.


A one two punch to combat water shortages

While dams are an important and effective piece of rural infrastructure – and can also pay a key part in firefighting efforts in time of bushfire, with fire authorities requiring fill points for air firefighting equipment – covered water storage facilities working in tandem with rural dams can help prevent large scale evaporation, while still allowing the dam to provide some of its existing benefits.

This is precisely what Kim from Newdegate in Western Australia did. Lack of dry season rains paired with high evaporation rates had led to lower than usual dam capacity, which meant he was struggling to source water for his livestock.

Knowing he needed an effective and sustainable solution to this problem, Kim reached out to Pioneer Water Tanks to install two 500kl water tanks that he could pump water into from his dams after winter rains. Having worked with Pioneer before to provide fresh water storage to his house, he knew that he could rely on Pioneer Water Tanks for an efficient and reliable service.

This means that in future dry periods, when Kim’s dams run low, he still has sufficient water storage (now having installed a whopping 1000kl of water storage capacity) in his water tanks to get him through the dry months.


Water storage designed for the harsh Australian climate

Pioneer Water Tanks have been designing and manufacturing Water Tanks that not only meet but exceed the requirements for water storage in Australia, and as we are 100% Australian owned and operated, know better than anyone how important reliable water storage is in the Australian outback.

Pioneer offers a range of tank sizes, from the small GT10 12,200L tanks up to the GT500 500,000L tanks that Kim purchased, mentioned above.

This gives you the freedom to purchase one or multiple tanks to ensure that your water storage needs are met.

All water tanks designed by Pioneer also include the Pioneer V-LOCK® tank wall profile, and the AQUALINER Fresh® antimicrobial tank liner – both exclusive to Pioneer Water Tanks.

The Pioneer V-LOCK® tank wall profile has been designed specifically for water storage purposes, and not only increases the strength and durability of the water tank, but also provides better support for the internal liner when compared to a traditional corrugated wall, preventing it from stretching as the water levels fluctuate. It’s so good, it even won an Australian Design Award.

The AQUALINER Fresh® tank liner utilises Sanitized® antimicrobial technology to remove bacteria from the water and help keep your stored water fresher for longer – a necessity for potable water storage.


Further your water harvesting capabilities

To maximise your water harvesting ability, you can equip your water tank with Smart Water Savers, to harvest even more water right from your tank roof.

Unlike tank gutter systems, which allow unfiltered water to flow straight into the tank, and can fill with gunk and debris, the Smart Water Savers fit right onto the tank roof, and have a low profile, which allows the debris to pass right over, while capturing thousands more litres of precious rainwater.

They are also mosquito and insect resistant, and are compatible with Pioneer’s Superseal accessory, furthering your tank’s protection from insects and dirt.


Learn more today

If you want to make enquiries about how Australia’s number one big tank can help you with your rainwater storage needs, and ensure you have access to reliable water sources now and into the future.

Pioneer Water Tanks have built thousands of water storage tanks for cattlemen and graziers all across Australia, and can guide you every step of the way through your installation process through our network of over 50 dealers Australia wide. This network ensures expert local knowledge from family businesses all across Australia, so that you have the best experience possible when purchasing a water tank.


Contact Pioneer Water Tanks today to learn more.


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