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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

Morrison Government decides not to appeal live export decision

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The Morrison Government has bought to a close a dark chapter in Australia’s history with its decision not to appeal the Federal Court’s decision in the matter regarding the 2011 shut down of the live cattle export trade.

“Prime Minister Morrison called me earlier to say his Government would not stand in the way of justice being delivered to northern Australia cattle producers and communities,” NFF President Fiona Simson said.

“On behalf of the Brett Family, other applicants to the class action and the many others affected by the monumentally devastating decision in 2011, I sincerely thanked him.”

“By declining to appeal Justice Rares’ decision, the Government has made unequivocal its appreciation of the pain and injustice that was inflicted on Northern Australia by the Government of the day and it’s wish to see justice done.

“It sends a clear message, that such reckless and ultimately, illegal actions by any Government, can never be allowed to happen again.

“Importantly, Prime Minister Morrison has cleared the way for the awarding of the ‘significant compensation’ to the Brett Family and other applicants, Rares J found they were entitled to.

“The class action supported by the Australian Farmers’ Fighting Fund spanned nine years and took a significant emotional and financial toll on all involved.

“Those who were directly and indirectly, hurt by the 2011 have been vindicated. (This) marks a new beginning.”

It is landmark win for the AFFF, which was established in 1985, to fight cases just like this – that threaten the prosperity of agriculture and regional Australia.

“The National Farmers’ Federation, Australian Farmers’ Fighting Fund and the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association, thanks the Morrison Government for its steadfast support for farmers and the communities and businesses that depend on it.”

NTCA Chief Executive Officer Ashley Manicaros said the NTCA had always maintained the decision to not appeal was the right path after nine long years.

"We understand the Prime Minister took a very strong position against an appeal and we thank him for his support and doing the right thing," Mr Manicaros said.

"The original decision to ban the live export industry in 2011 failed the pub test and I believe all Australians will support a commonsense decision to move forward like the Morrison Government has now demonstrated.

"We thank those who joined the NTCA in lobbying strongly against an Appeal including the National Farmers Federation, Tracey Hayes, Senator Sam McMahon, key Nationals and Liberal Party Leaders and the Senate.

"The cattle industry in Northern Australia is vital to the economic future of not only this region but Australia’s overall trade partnership."

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