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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

Online Chemical Course for the NT Cattle Industry

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This course is for cattle producers in the Northern Territory Cattle industry. Station workers that use agricultural chemicals like 1080 dry baits, wet baits and ‘pour-ons’ for tick control in live export. The pests are wild dogs, pigs, cattle tick and weeds.

This course will prepare NT pastoralist and station workers to use chemicals that are 100 per cent based on the cattle industry and live export.
You do not need to be a IT guru, the reading materials, slides, videos and websites are provided to you via the website and you can contact the trainer by email anytime. The system is designed to be user friendly and easy to drive. It has been tested many times to iron out problems.
The AusChem online training is 100 per cent based on chemicals and pests that are in the Northern Territory.

Ticks, weeds, wild dogs, pigs and controls are all NT problems within the industry. You can do this course in your own time and the best thing about doing an online course is you don’t have to leave your cattle station. You could save a 500km to 1000km drive.

The "AusChem" chemical accreditation has a five year life and is a requirement for various “Authorisations” from NT Government. This is not the 1080 Supplementary course (AHCPMG309), the legislation can be confusing.

Train Safe NT is the only provider of the online AusChem chemical course that is in the Northern Territory, our office is in Darwin so we understand the Territory.

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