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Kalyeeda Station trusts Pioneer Water Tanks

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Kalyeeda Station is located a hop and a skip across the border, some 360kms east of Broome Western Australia. Peter Camp and his family have owned and managed Kalyeeda station for just under 25 years, and run approximately 6,500 cattle on the station.
Deep in the Kimberley, Kalyeeda Station is located between the Fitzroy River and The Great Sandy desert, where long dry seasons are broken up by flooding in monsoonal wet seasons.
Something the Camp family have learned in their time on the station, that having reliable and sustainable water storage solutions is incredibly important, and that’s why they turned to Pioneer Water Tanks.
“We’ve experienced quite a few makes and varieties of tanks in the time we’ve been here,” Peter said of their experience with water storage, “Prior, we’ve had other line tanks that we never really got a lot of support and warranty on (and) Pioneer Tanks are a good product and we‘ve got good support from their reps.”

Expanding for the future
The Camp family’s current plan for their water troughs is to disperse the cattle more, so there are less cattle at a water point at any one time.
“You can have all the grass in the world, but it’s no good to you,” Peter said. “You’ve got to have the water there for those animals to be able to utilise that pasture.”
Peter now has a range of Pioneer Water Tanks across his property, all built on large earth pads to give elevation for gravity feed into the many troughs across the station.
“We’ve put a few of them in,” he said of the Pioneer tanks, “and we’ll continue to utilise them well into the future,”
All Pioneer Water Tanks come with a 20 year warranty, and with a nationwide dealer network, of over 50 dealers, encompassing every state, you can be assured of expert local advice throughout the service life of your tank.
“We’ve experienced quite a few makes and varieties of tanks in the time we’ve been here, in the last three years, we’ve started using Pioneer tanks,” Peter said. “Without water, we haven’t got a property or a business.”

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