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Carbon Farming Webinar - September 3rd at 1:30pm ACST

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Do you have patches of regenerating mulga or similar plant species on your property?
Are you interested in using your station management to combine carbon income with your livestock business?  
Are you interested in different approaches to manage grazing pressure, such as influencing where animals graze and for how long, giving some patches more rest and other more utilisation?  
Are you interested in using infrastructure improvements to help livestock and landscape management?  

Select Carbon is holding a webinar on September 3rd at 1:30pm ACST to answer the above questions and detail the key elements of carbon farming. We think it will be especially suited to those in the Alice Springs/Plenty regions, but anyone is welcome to find out more.

Human Induced Regeneration (HIR) projects are a common type of carbon farming project particularly suited to pastoral properties with areas of woody vegetation such as mulga. Landholders modify their management practices to allow naturally occurring regeneration to continue to reach a target level of canopy cover.
A common on-ground activity involves managing the timing and extent of grazing (including feral animals) to ensure continuation of native regrowth. Managing grazing pressure can enhance your livestock production system whilst also being a tool for managing your landscape and vegetation.
Select Carbon is motivated to help find synergistic outcomes to production goals, landscape function and your own values.  Founded in 2010, Select Carbon is an innovative environmental and agricultural services company that partners with landholders throughout Australia to establish and support carbon farming projects.
We understand your pastoral business and look for ways to integrate carbon farming as an additional opportunity for you. We do all the scoping, remote sensing, approvals, on-ground monitoring and reporting, leaving you to focus on managing your livestock and landscape.
We have developed over 70 carbon sequestration projects spanning over 9 million hectares that are currently participating in the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund and in commercial carbon markets.

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