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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

NTCA Media Release - Fire Starters Must be Prosecuted

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Press Release

The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association’s chief executive officer Ashley Manicaros says authorities have to start prosecuting those who deliberately light fires in order to get the message across.
Bushfires NT has reminded Central Australian landholders to be prepared for the Central Australian fire season with maximum temperatures unlikely to drop below 40°C during coming days.
But our property owners can only do so much when the fire is deliberately lit, Mr Manicaros said. Bushfires NT has said several fires impacting Central Australian pastoral properties have also been lit during the past week, which they are investigating with NT Police.
“Pastoralists have been preparing for the fire season for some time, but they can’t prepare for the illegal act of deliberately lighting a fire,” he said.
“Authorities have to start prosecuting those they catch with the full force of the law in order to get the message across. The public has a role to play in providing information and the NTCA encourages those who see something suspicious to pass on that information.
“People should call 000 in an emergency and if you see, hear or know about suspicious activity relating to illegal fires then call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”
Mr Manicaros said moving forward the management of all land to reduce the risk of out of control bushfires had to be addressed. “We need a greater focus on non-pastoral lease property when it comes to reducing risk,” he said. “There is no point us doing what we can but our neighbours aren’t.”

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