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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

NTCA CEO Tracey Hayes interviews with BBC Radio 5 Live about the disappointing cuts to shortwave radio

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"Shortwave radio is the only option for people living, working and travelling throughout rural and regional areas in Australia," Tracey Hayes tells Rhod Sharp of BBC UK. 

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"The issue that is of concern is that the ABC has failed to have a discussion with people in the bush to consult and provide any reasonable notice or explanation [about the intended cuts to the shortwave radio service in the NT]".  

"ABC will be providing digital radio to people in the city (who already have a magnitude of options to connect) and taking away the only option for bush people - people who don't have reliable internet access, mobile reception or radio; they are left with zero options," Tracey said.

"The majority of members working in the bush spend most of their waking hours listening to the radio in their vehicles, or mustering camp... where satellite and mobile technology is not available."
Tracey asks, "Is the ABC listening to us?" 

The situation has been incredibly disappointing to date states Tracey. 

"ABC's inability to come to the table sends a strong signal to community listeners that ABC have forgotten about their grass roots." 

NTCA will continue to stand up for members on this issue. 



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