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Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association

Northern Territory cattle sector buoyed by $30 million federal beef roads allocation

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Press Release

The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) has welcomed today’s Australian Government announcement that the Territory will receive nearly one-third of the $100 million in federal funding promised through the Northern Australia Beef Roads Program.

The Territory has been allocated $30 million to pay for major upgrading to flood-prone and dangerous sections of the Barkly Stock Route and Tablelands Highway, NTCA Chief Executive Officer Tracey Hayes said. 

“We’re very encouraged with this result. We argued strongly for a significant allocation which reflects the vast trucking distances involved between our stations and markets, and our industry’s dominant role in the broader economy. We see this injection of funds as critically important for the future development of our northern cattle sector and the NTCA has also called for the beef roads program to be become an ongoing initiative so as to build on the cooperative platform established between government and industry. The submission process has resulted in a blueprint for critical infrastructure spend required across the North of Australia and it’s important we utilise that resource for future strategic allocation of funds”, said Ms Hayes. 

“We also wish to acknowledge the contribution of the Northern Territory Government who worked effectively with us in making the case to Canberra”, said Ms Hayes. 

The Northern Territory allocation includes $20 million to upgrade sections of the Tablelands Highway to improve road train and general commuter accessibility and safety, and $10 million to flood proof a section of the Barkly Stock Route to reduce season closures and transport restrictions. 

Ms Hayes said that in advocating for a fair share of the beef road funding, the NTCA nominated the Buntine Highway as well as the Barkly Stock Route and Tablelands Highway as the three major Territory cattle thoroughfares needing priority attention. 

“We’re disappointed that urgent upgrading needed on the Buntine Highway did not receive funding but we will continue to lobby both the Australian and Northern Territory Governments to invest in this critically important access route for Victoria River District producers needing to transport cattle to Darwin or across the Kimberley.” 

Today’s announced funding breakdown also includes $56 million for major beef road works in Queensland and $12.51 million for critical upgrades in remote Western Australia. .

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