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2014 AGM and Industry Conference 




Celebrating 30 years in 2014

The 30th NTCA Annual Conference, AGM and Gala Dinner was the biggest ever with over 600 delegates over days.

It has been 30 years of united representation, through some of the most challenging periods in our industry that the NTCA has endured.  The NTCA is an organisation with an enviable track record in effective representation of its members.

Over the next 30 years the NTCA will continue to build and grow in influence and efficacy.  The NTCA will continue to engender pride, strength and loyalty through service to members and industry

ngender prid, strength and loyalty through service to members and industr

Over its 30 years through representing over 90% of industry  the NTCA has been effective in lobbying for the rights of its members, from small family operations to large corporate companies.

Out Northern Territory members manage a landmass in excess of 680,000 square kilometres turning off  600,000 head of high quality cattle per year and providing leadership in pastoral land conservation, market development and trade, regional development, Indigenous employment and engagement.

Future NTCA - Leadership Development Program (LDP)

In the 30th year of the NTCA a program has been launched to foster the development of leadership capacity amongst new generations of industry for the next 30 years.

The program has been developed to optimise the potential of our youth, capturing new ideas, networks and enthusiasm, while injecting mentoring and support from a select group of mature Industry leaders.

The program will award 4 places each year to applicants under the age of 35 years.  Drawn from across the NT, successful applicants will be passionate about the cattle industry, will have been or will make a significant contribution to the cattle industry, including in leadership.


Photo Competition Puma Energy (formerly AusfuelGull)

In 2014 the ;ong association with Ausfuel was extended to the new company Puma Energy and with it the famous photo competition.

The 2014 Conference Program   ( Download program)


Conference information and presentations can be downloaded below


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Order of Events in 2014







Australian Agricultural Company - tour of the Livingstone Valley Abattoir

Ladies Luncheaon and associated activities

Annual General Meeting – 3:30pm

NTCA Sponsors Drinks – 5:30pm

Friday, 28 March 2014

Conference Proceedings




Darwin Convention Centre



Welcome Address - NTCA President

David Warriner

Download speech here



8:30 am


Opening Address - Minister for Primary Industries

Hon. Willem Westra Van Holthe  

Replaced Minister Robb who was attending FTA negotiations in Japan




Agriculture - a 30 year horizon

Thos Gieskes - Chief Executive Officer, Rabobank Australia and New Zealand Group

Now heading up Rabobank Australian and New Zealand operations, Thos was CEO of Rabobank Chile for seven years and held a range of senior positions in Rabobank’s international network, including head of Relationship Management, Food & Agribusiness and Commodity Finance. Originally from the Netherlands, he has extensive experience in both international agricultural banking and the wider global food and agribusiness sector in the area of agricultural research. Thos will provide a perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing agriculture in the next 30 years.

Download presentation here






Dr Andy Stoeckel

Dr Andrew Stoeckel, is a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University at the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis. Before that he was the Founding Chairman of The Centre for International  Economics, a private economics research consultancy. He is one of Australia’s leading economists and received his PhD from Duke University in 1978. His thesis was to analyse Australia’s mineral boom of the seventies. He is a specialist in trade policy analysis and the global macro-economy. From 1981–86 he was the head of the (then) Bureau of Agricultural Economics in Canberra — the largest economic research agency in Australia. He has initiated and directed programs of research on international trade that received world acclaim. He has over thirty publications to his credit. He is currently researching the on-going fall-out from the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. .  Dr Stoeckel will explore the role and place of agriculture in the new rush to establish trade and free trade agreements in our region, including Japan, china and the transpacific partnership. 

Download presentation here




Tim McRae - MLA Chief Economist

“Australia’s beef in a competitive international market”


Tim McRae is the Chief Economist and Manager for Market Information and Analysis for Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). Working closely with industry and producers, he is responsible for MLA’s efforts to monitor, analyse and forecast developments in livestock, co-product and meat markets in Australia and around the world. Tim is manager of MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service, author of MLA’s bi-annual Beef and Cattle Industry Projections and Lamb and Sheep Industry Projections, along with several other publications. Tim has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and a Masters of Rural Management from the University of Sydney.  Tim will provide an outlook for beef considering national and international trends. 

Download presentation here



Our place in the world and region?  Effective engagement in Asia and the future

Dr Caroline Hong - CH Asia Australia Pty Ltd

Asian born, Dr Caroline Hong has a deep understanding of Australia in the Asian Century and is well known and widely recognised as an Australia-Asia small and medium enterprises (SME)  expert.  Running her own consulting business, CH Asia Australia Pty Ltd, Caroline is connecting international business across health, government, community, business events and not-for profit sectors.  Caroline partners with Think Global Consulting on premium strategic projects to boost business and investment outcomes for Australian businesses across many sectors. Caroline will present a view of Australia and Northern Australia’s place in the Asian region.  How do we engage effectively for our long term future and what lessons can we learn from history which will place our industry at the forefront of opportunity.

Download presentation here





Competitive pressure and opportunities from developing countries including the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China)

David Thomas - Think Global 

David is well known in the Asia Pacific region for his experience, credibility and passion for identifying, building and facilitating business and investment relationships between developed and emerging countries.  His experience accumulated over a 30 year international career has provided first hand experience of the changing landscape within the Asia Pacific region, the opening up of China, the rise of Japan and the Asian tigers, and the emergence of India. More recently, his activities have extended to Latin America and Eastern Europe and the economic potential and growing influence of the four “BRIC countries” (Brazil, Russia, India and China). David will give insight into the opportunities and challenges faced within Australia’s market and competitor countries.

Presentation combined with sbov speaker





Katherine Teh-White Managing Director - Futureye  

“Social licence to operate”


With a journalist career covering national and international issues, Katherine has worked for large mining and corporate organisations on reducing conflict and in post-conflict situations, recovering their regulatory or social licence to operate. Her work over the past 20 years has included many company and industry-wide initiatives dealing with social, political and environmental sensitivities. Katherine and her company have commenced implementation of an industry wide strategy for the live export industry. With these same principles applicable across the entire supply chain, Katherine will challenge thinking and push us to think about what we do on a daily basis and how to build consumer and community support.

Download presentation here





Producers taking the initiative!

The role of standards in building confidence

David Horlock - Managing Director, BSI Asia Pacific Region (Hong Kong)

Managing Director, British Standards Institution (BSI) Asia Pacific, the world’s leading global standards body, David  has 30 years experience in the agri-food, life science, commodities, consumer products and international standards and certification sector, dealing in the supply chain compliance.  Having worked in Australia, Hong Kong/China, Philippines, Thailand and UAE,   David has on-farm, livestock export, feedlot management and farm advisory and experience and associated supplier qualification programs.  David will explore current and future global supply chain risk, the standard consensus making process and examples of how some industries manage themselves to take control of their industry and build standards from the bottom up involving all stakeholders within the supply chain.

Download presentation here






Diversification & Northern Development - Market driven diversification and how to position Northern Australia

Rob Boschammer

As one of the largest landholders in Kununurra, Robert Boschammer has been instrumental in the development of many north Australian agricultural businesses since the early 1980’s, including cotton, sugar and cattle.   More recently Rob has pioneered the Chia industry, demonstrating a clear and decisive strategy which is typical of his approach.  Rob has been on the RIRDC national board and plays a leading role in many industry and business development organisations.  Rob will give a perspective on the key drivers of success and profitability in northern agriculture and how the north must position itself in order to capitalise on the growing opportunities and challenges presented in global and domestic markets.





Panel session

selection of speakers from the day and one or two other suprises




Hon. Adam Giles, Cheif Minister of the Northern Territory



Friday, 28 March 2014

Cattlemen's Annual Dinner



Darwin Convention Centre



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