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2013 AGM and Industry Conference 

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Driving change, driving our future

The 29th NTCA Annual Conference, AGM and Gala Dinner was all that we expected and more! As the premier industry event on the beef industry calendar it was attended by over 400 people, including producers, agribusiness and industry leaders from the Northern Territory, Australian states, and overseas, MPs, and senior ministers from the NT and federal government. 

With many opportunities and challenges facing our industry the NTCA is a driving force for continual improvement, adaptation and change.

Over its 29 years through representing over 90% of industry  the NTCA has been effective in lobbying for the rights of its members, from small family operations to large corporate companies.


Out Northern Territory members manage a landmass in excess of 680,000 square kilometres turning off  600,000 head of high quality cattle per year and providing leadership in pastoral land conservation, market development and trade, regional development, Indigenous employment and engagement.


The 2013 Conference Program involved:


Conference Documents
4/1/2013 2013 Flyer, Registration and Accommodation booking Form  
1/2/2013 Ladies Luncheon - registration form  
Dec 2012 AGM & Conference - Partnership Proposal  
7/1/2013 Ausfuel Gull - Photographic Competition entry form  
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Thursday, 21 March 2013
Order of Events





Ladies Luncheon

Annual General Meeting – 3:30pm
(members only)

NTCA Sponsors Drinks – 5pm

NAB Agribusiness Dinner
  Coopers Animal Health Dinner  
Friday, 22 March 2013
Conference Proceedings
  Alice Springs Convention Centre  




Opening address - NTCA President David Warriner

(CLICK HERE) to download speech


Official Opening - Senator the Hon. Joe Ludwig, Minister for Agriculture

(CLICK HERE) to download speech


Don Close (USA)- Beef and cattle outlook with the USA in mind

(CLICK HERE) to download presentation


Professor David Hughes (UK) - Emerging global consumer trends, demand and buying paterns. What does this mean for us?

(CLICK HERE) to download presentation


Anthony McClellan - Former 60 Minutes producer offers "media secrets of an insider".  What we can expect and what we need to know

(CLICK HERE) to download presentation


Robbie Sefton (Aust) - How the agricultural sector can better engage to build consumer trust and better inform an urban population

(CLICK HERE) to download presentation


Dr Peter Barnard (MLA) - Industry outlook

(CLICK HERE) to download presentation



Dr David Johnston (Aust) - Genetic evaluation and the power of breeding values

(CLICK HERE) to download presentation



Ian Btaithwaite (Aust) - Honing herd production systems.

(CLICK HERE) to download presentation



Panel of experts - Q&A session


Friday, 22 March 2013
Cattlemen's Annual Dinner
Cattlemen’s Gala Dinner – 6:30pm,
Alice Springs Turf Club

Media Releases


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