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The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) is the peak primary industry lobby group in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia.

The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association Inc is the peak primary industry lobby group in the Northern Territory (NT). The NTCA represent over 90% of the NT cattle herd from small family operations to the large corporate organisations.

Our members manage a landmass in excess of 620,000 square kilometres producing over 500,000 high quality cattle per year. On average around  300,000 head are delivered directly to the Port of Darwin for export to the Asia Pacific Region with the remaining 300,000 head transported and sold to all states and Territories of Australia.

The NT pastoral industry generates over $330 million directly and over $880 million indirectly into the NT economy.

It is a powerful, effective and respected lobby group for cattlemen in the Northern Territory.

We hope you will join us and most importantly take an active role in pastoral affairs.

With continued help from our key affiliates Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) and National Farmer Federation (NFF) we must maintain our focus on key markets domestically and internationally, improving market accessibility and efficiencies for our members.

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